Preference #28: Hes Homeless and you have sex (Part 1) *Part of the Homeless Series*

  • Louis: Finlay everyone was settling for bed. your dad heading out to work graveyard at the local DPS office. He worked as Security. "Night Y/N, Louis sleeping on the couch, okay?" your mum said, closing your bedroom door and turning off all the lights. "Goodnight Louis, Hope your comfortable enough hun." You could hear her say. "Thank you Mrs. Y/L/N." He said Shyly. A few hours passed but all you could think about was the boy down stairs. Hes bruises that covered his skin. The way he flinched if anyone's voice raised. You wonders what exactly happened to him. "Y/N..." He whispered, cracking your door and walking in. "Whats wrong Lou?" You said sitting up and moving over in the bed. "I-I cant sleep." He said, sitting down on your bed. "You can sleep in here if you like." You cooed, pulling your blanket over him. "Just...Don't tell, okay?" You whispered against his neck. He was so nervous, creeping his and around your waist. "I-I wont tell..." He said, knowing what you were getting at as you leaned up brushing your lips across his, bruised and split ones. "Don't tell..."
  • Liam: "Here you go, Why dont you take a shower and get cleaned up and then you can get on some close for bed okay?" Liam half smiled, following you to the bathroom. "There's towel's in the cupboard and there's-" You cut your own sentence off, watching Liam tare off his shirt. the way it peeled off him sent chills down your spin, your core growing hotter by your arousal. "Is everything okay?" He said and you realized you were staring. "Mhmm..." You managed still examining his body. "If you wanted to stare...You could have told me." He smirked, closing the bathroom door and locking it. You swallowed hard, watching him move in front of you, his hands to the counter you trapped between them. "If you wanted to touch...You could have asked for that too." He smiled, a new found confidence in his voice. "Touch me." He warmed, pressing himself to you roughly, slipping his tongue into your mouth, your hands roaming his body.
  • Harry: "Goodnight you too, Sleep tight. No school in the morning but dont stay up to late." Your mom said walking away from your room. As soon as yu heard hers close you got up, closing your door and sitting under the blanket with a newly showered harry. "W-What are you doing?" He asked, moving away from you. "Harry...Its okay." you assured, moving next to him. "Don't be afraid..." You laughed, playing with his Curls. "Harry?" You said, watching his eyes roam to your chest. You laughed and his shied away once more. "Don't do that...I-I'll show you if you want to see." You stuttered out, harry shaking his head and watching the wall. "Harry..." you said, pulling off your shirt. "Look at me."
  • Zayn: "Did you get enough to eat?" You asked, watching Zayn, his hands in his lap, slouched over in a chair. "Yeah...T-Thank you." He said and you sat beside him. "Do you...Have a place to stay?" He shook his head, still not meeting your eyes. "You can stay here tonight if you like." You said, garbing his arm and leading him down the hall. You let him take a shower before changing into something more comfortable. "Uhm...I dont know what I'm- Oh, god! I'm so sorry." He said covering his eyes, you still not fully dressed. You jaw draped, tracing every inch of his soaked body. "Fuck..." You groaned out and he looked at you. "Oh sweet mother of Jesus drop your towel and let me jump on you." He laughed at your remark but did what you said, Letting you exam him some more.
  • Niall: "You poor thing." You whispered, toating him inside. "You get him cleaned up, And he sleeps in the garage!" Your mom yelled, garbing a beer from your fridge and Prancing through your large house. "Don't you listen to her. Lets get you warmed up." You whispered, carrying him to the bathroom. He was so light, malnutrition taking hold of him. He stood barley on his own as you undressed him. "I-I..." He shuddered out, still not able to make words. "Shh...Its going to be okay." You reassured him, turning on some warm water and striping yourself as well. He was so skinny, his frail body stepping into the water, you right behind him. You closed the curten, letting him get settled, facing away from you, between your legs. "Do you feel better?" You questioned, running a cloth with soap on it across his boney back. "Yes..." He whispered, leaning up against you, getting comfortable with you in the bath tub.
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