Hard core (Nerdy Niall)

A/N: Sorry Its so long, And yeah for spelling and stuff.

“You got a Problem Niall?” Jessica, The queen bee, popular of the popular, she always had a problem with the little tike. “Stop staring, you aren’t getting none!” Everyone laughed, Niall flushing red. His cheeks were so cute with their little bumps.

“And you Y/N, look at this! The nerd, checking out the nerd!” She laughed.

It was true…I was the nerd, head over heels for the nerd. It was sad and so unreal. Normally, a girl like me would be into the jocks, mostly Zayn who was always at Jessica’s side.

But no…My stupid mind wondered to the geekiets kid in school beside myself.

God, if i could only get a second alone with him I- “Earth to Y/N?” My head shot up from my day dream, staring at the teacher who probably asked me some stupid question he assumed I knew the answer to. I did, sadly.

The day was normal, a few shoves in the Hall, a few names from faces I didn’t even know.

I just wanted to get on my bus and go the fuck home.

“Y/N!” I ignored my name being called, who would want me? “Y/N! Stop ignoring me baby!” Oh god, not him, anything but him. “H-Hi Zayn…”

Don’t stutter now you twit!

“You wunna come for drinks with me and some lads? I’ve got no one to go with.”

You don’t say no to the hottest boy in school, no matter how much you hate his guts it’s a chance to up your social states and it’s not like I could go down.

We walked around the corner of the building, were I thought his car would be surrounded by his friends, but it wasn’t…It was empty, All i saw was Zayns smug face laughing before I was pulled into the breeze way behind the Cafeteria, All the popular’s laughing and yelling, standing in a circle were on was kicking something. “Got her!” The boy who grabbed me called, throwing me toward the circle.

Everyone backed up, revealing a battered and bleeding Niall, clenching his stomach.

“Oh my god! Ni-” “No! Don’t let her touch him! Not yet!” Jessica laughed, standing over Niall.

My hands were held behind my back, zip tied by now.

“On your feet Horan!” He didn’t even respond as they tied his hands too.

By now tears were streaming form my eyes, i couldn’t bare to watch what they were going to do to him…To the both of us

“Think he’ll like it?” One of the jocks snickered, “He’s probably never had his dick sucked, of course he will!” Niall thrashed at their words and I knew why I was here.

I shouldn’t have stared so much, this was my fault, It’s my fault he got beaten to a pulp.

After a few snickers from the boys I was lifted to my feet, kneeled in front of him, his blue eyes filled with apologies. “I-” “Shh, it’s okay…” I whispered, his eyes so red with tears.

“Strip him!” Jessica and her menens laughed, Niall’s pants hitting his ankles.

Fuck he was beautiful.

God, not the time Y/N

“Do you want her to suck that little dick Niall?” Zayn teased, grasping him, squeezing to a point where I thought he was going to burst.

He cried out.

“Say it!”

He squinted his eyes shut, choking out his words.

“Y-Yes.” He said half-heartedly, pushing Niall closer to me.

I clenched my mouth shut, not willing to give into them.

“Open your damn mouth!” But I refused, biting down on someone’s hand when they tried to pry it open.

“So that’s how you-” “What is going on-Oh my god! Let them go!” A teacher came rushing through the breeze way, at our rescue.

Niall collapsed at the ground beside me, the teacher cutting me lose.

I immediately pulled up his pants, He didn’t need to be more ashamed of himself. “It’s okay Niall, Its okay.” He cried hysterically, clinging to me for dear life.

“You guys should get home, I need to round up those idiot, I can call a paramedic if you like?”

Niall would be disgraced if he had to tell anyone at all what had just happened. “No, it’s okay, I’ll get him home, He’ll be fine.”

She nodded and I lifted Niall to his feet, pulling him back to my car. He was so torn up, his head pressed to the window of my car. “Do you want me to take you home? Or do you want to get cleaned up at my house?” He nodded, it wasn’t really a direct answer but i just started driving home.

He crossed his arms, crying quietly to himself as we sat at a red light. “Niall?” I rubbed his arm but he shied away, he couldn’t even look at me. “It’s okay Niall, you couldn’t have helped that. I don’t blame you, okay?”

He nodded but I knew it meant nothing.

I pulled him inside and sat him on the couch, walking to the kitchen for some ice. “Are you thirsty?” He didn’t say anything so i brought him some water, just in case. “I-I think I need to go home.” He whispered.

I pressed the ice to his eye gently, placing my hand on his warm tight. “W-Why?” Oh god his stutter was cottages. “B-Because I need to…Uhm…Fix myself.” I giggled at his comment, moving my hand from his thigh. “T-There’s a bathroom upstairs.”

His eyes widened, staring at me. “O-Oh no, I couldn’t do that…i-in your house and all. I-It would be weird.”

“Why? Are you…L-Loud?” That was such a stupid move. God you’re an idiot Y/N.

“Uhm, I don’t really know, no one has ever really said if I was loud, I mean if my parents could hear me I’m sure they would have said something…Are you Loud?” He blushed, knowing he just asked if i was loud when I touch myself.

“No…I can only moan your name so loud, my mom could h-Oh god…” Niall giggled, knowing I thought of him when I did…that. “If it helps I think of you too.”

My eyes widened, was I dreaming? Please no one wake me, I want to enjoy this. “W-What do you think of me d-doing?” I just had to know…I had to. “It depends…When I’m in the s-shower i think of you…Uhm…Sucking me. And when I’m in my room I picture you riding me…that one does it for me the best.” He said scenically.

I wanted to jump on him right then and there.

“H-Have you ever…You know, had sex before?” I shook my head, expecting him to laugh. “Same…” He sighed, looking at his hands. “H-Have you ever kissed anyone?” He shot me a look, “Yes! I’m not 12!” He lied and we both knew it. “It’s okay Niall, you don’t have to lie…I’ve never kissed anyone ether.” He smiled securely at me.

“D-Do you want to try it out? I mean, to see if were g-good at it?”

Fuck yes.

“S-Sure, I mean just to see if were good, like you said.” He moved awkwardly, facing me on my couch. “Uhm…” He leaned in hesitantly, moving his hand to my neck, licking his lips the closer he got until finally they brushed against mine, I wanted so badly to push on but I held back, still scared for my first kiss in my whole life.

“I-I don’t k-” I shut him up, I couldn’t take it, but he was so soft and warm, slobbery and messy but perfect. I nearly crawled on his lap before stopping myself, still kissing him hungrily, I wasn’t even sure if he was kissing back or If I was doing it right but hell did it feel good.

“Mmm, Y/N, slow down baby.”

Did he just call me? Yes, he did.

“I-I’m sorry.” I wiped my mouth, smiling shyly up at him. “I didn’t say stop.” He laughed, pulling me back. This time I was sure he was kissing me and he was so good at it. “W-What do we do now?” He asked, still pressed to my lips. “I-I think t-tongue is added.” God his tongue was huge, how did it fit in my mouth? Why wasn’t it like the movies when you couldn’t even see the tongue!

“Am I-I doing it right?” He breathed, practically licking the inside of my mouth. He was eating my face and I liked it. “I don’t know but please don’t stop.” I was despite, this time pulling him on top of me.

I was sure we weren’t doing it right but no one was watching…no one was there to criticize our lack of experience, we were just two nerds making out on the couch and we weren’t even good at it to say the least.

“You gotta use yours too.” He added, forcefully sucking my tongue out of my mouth, pulling at it with his teeth.

After a few minutes of weird tongue dancing he pulled back breathlessly, wiping the spit away that developed around his lips. Wow that was gross.

“I don’t think were very good at that.” He laughed, peeking my lips. “It’s okay, No one has to know about it, everything that happens stars between me and you.”

We played tongue star wars for another 20 minutes, are hands roaming to places we had never seen in real life except for our little experience at school. “Y/N, wait.” He grunted, my hand nearly reaching that huge cock. “What? What’s wrong?”

He sat on his bum, fiddling his hands. “It’s just…Were both Virgins, We don’t know what to do…”

I had seen porn…I’m sure he had too, why was there not to get?

“We’ll figure it out Niall.”

He smiled at me, reassured that, if we messed up, who gives a fuck. “Want to go upstairs? I mean, so were more comfortable.” He nodded, walking behind me up the stairs to my bedroom.

I shut the door behind him, he flinched but caught himself, smiling shyly. “D-Do we need a …You know…condom?” He flushed red at his words, watching me search my room. “I’ve kind of always kept some incase…Well I thought it was bad ass but I guess it’s paying off now.” He laughed, grabbing the green condom from my hand, filled with many different colors. “I like-Woo…” He stared. “What?” He giggled at me, reading the front of it. “It’s called ‘Twisted pleasure’.” Fuck he was cute.

“S-Should we…You know, see if it fits?”

I could hear him swallow from where I stood, watching him fiddle with his belt a little, pulling out his stiff member that i had grown fond of. “Y-You’re really big N-Niall.”

He blushed, a small dimple on his red cheek. “I-I have this pump and I’ve used it a few times but I don’t think it works very well…” He laughed at his failed attempts at making himself bigger, if that was even possible. “Well you don’t need it.”

He smiled, stroking lightly were Zayns hand had been earlier. “I-It still hurts.” He hushed out loud, a purple bruise around his shaft. “How hard did he grab you?”

I didn’t even need to ask, he was so swollen, He must have been in so much pain. “C-Can I touch it?” He nodded, letting go of himself, watching my hand snake nervously near his bruised dick. “Just the tip.” He warned.

I did has he said, avoiding the large bruise, running my finger up the slit, collecting the pre-cum on my finger. “Ohh…” He gasped, twitching and I hadn’t even touched him that much. “C-Can I?” I asked, looking up at him as I lowered my head a little.

He nodded, pulling up his shirt a little.

He tasted salty, and slimy. “S-Shit fuck my g-g-god!” I laughed against the head, sucking, avoiding the same area. “G-Go down a little, just not hard.” He choked.

I went deeper…And deeper…Till he was hitting the back of my through. “Shit!”

I pulled away at his shout of pain. “Oh god, I’m sorry!” He winced, kissing my temple. “I-It’s okay…D-Do you think we should get started?” I nodded, tearing the rapper open on the green condom.

“Do I just…S-Slid it on?” I giggled, unrolling the cream colored rubber over him. “Perfect.” His turn to giggled.

“B-But aren’t we just giving those kids what they wanted? I mean trying to make us do stuff.” He asked, moving back on my bed, sitting against the head bored, patting his lap so I would sit on him. “Yeah, but this is what we want…Right?” He nodded, gripping my clothed ass.

“Don’t you think you should take these off?” He smirked, a wave of confidence washing over him.

I pulled off my shirt first, letting him play with my breasts through the fabric of my bra. “T-Take it off…Please?” There went that sexy confidence. But he was cute when he was innocent.

I unclasped my bra, letting it slid off my arms. He went right for them, massaging and squeezing, flicking his tongue across my right nipple, pinching the other between two fingers. “Easy baby.” I winced, still clinging to his mess of blond hair. “S-Sorry.”

I shimmied out of my pants and panties quickly, letting a curious hand flick my clit around. It felt…good…Even though he was just exploring it still felt nice to have him touching me. “Y-You’re wet. D-Did I make you wet Y/N?” It was more of a question then a smart ass response. “Y-Yes.”

God there was so much stuttering going on here.

“W-What do I do? J-Just…slip it in?” I giggled, stroking his member and pushing against the head bored again. “I-I think so, but I’ve never done this and…It’s supposed to hurt, right? He nodded. “Then I-I will take it slow. Tell me if it hurts, okay?”

He took a few practice bucks, pushing his tip against my clit. “Just get it in there already!” He hissed at my dominance but pushed the head in, stretching me. I felt nothing at first, no pain, but still no pleasure. “D-Deeper.” And he did, a ripping sensation, my body felt like it was on fire and I cried out, digging my nails into the shirt that still hung on his body. “Oh god! Am I hurting you, I’m so sorry.” He pulled out immediately, wrapping his arms around my waist. “I’m so sorry baby.”

My tears stained his shirt for a few minutes until they finally stopped, both of us nodding off.

I woke up and it was almost dusk, My room had and wonderful glow to it, but I was still horny and he was still hard. He was cute when he slept, still holding me on his lap. “N-Niall, wake up.” He moved, stubborn, of course.

“D-Do you wunna try again?” He shot up, suddenly awake. “If you think you c-can.”

We repositioned, sliding him in a little deeper. He winced, pulling back. “My turn to hurt.” He breathed, I completely forgot his bruised shaft. “I can’t do it your t-too tight.” I thought being tight was a good thing?

“It’s going to hurt both of us, let’s just get it over with.”

I knew just slamming down on him was going to make this a bad experience for the both of us, so I eased back down on him, pressing one of our inexperienced kisses to his lips to engulf his cries of pain but my own came out too. “Ow” We said in unison.

“Don’t move, just give me a minute.” He nodded in agreement, felling himself inside of me. It felt kind of good on my part.

“Ready?” He asked quietly, holding my waist, pushing me onto my back so he was on top. “Yeah.” I whispered back.

He pulled almost all the way out before pushing back in, rocking his hips into mine. He moved my his as well, sure to get every part of me, every inch. “Ohh, right there.” He tried hitting it again but like I said…Inexperienced. “I’m sorry, I can’t get it.” He laughed, god he had the cutest laugh. “It’s okay baby.”

I could already feel the not I felt when I knew I was close. He felt it too.

I knew we wouldn’t last long, we were both virgins, but I was perfectly okay with that. “Whenever you’re ready, but don’t clench so hard.” He warned, reminding me of his sourness. “Sorry.” I breather, a moaning mess.

“Mmm, Y/N, you feel so damn good.” He huffed at the crock of my neck, grunting loudly with every thrust. “I-I can’t hold it Ni.” He just nodded, thrusting sloppily, smacking ort wet skin together.

“F-F-Fuck, Y/N, Almos-” He stopped immediately. “D-Don’t stop Niall, Please!”

He was frightened, his face filled with fear. “It ripped, the condom broke!” I didn’t care. “Just keep going, it doesn’t matter now.”

He moved on hesitantly, returning us to our before state, shaking and moaning, tensing and cursing. “I-I’m there.” He warned me again, closing his eyes.

We were both there and he knew it but he was saying it more to himself then me.

He released accidently, not able to control himself much longer. “Fuck t-that hurts!” He screamed, the cum sushing through him making him starch a little, only enough to cause pain.  I came too, clenching again, causing him more pain. “Shit Y/N! Easy!”

Well I couldn’t help it. “I-I’m sorry.” He pulled out, cum dripping all over my sheets. “It’s okay, It feels better now. Did I hurt you?” I nodded, but it was still amazing.

“Y/N, I don’t care what those people say, okay? I just want you, no matter what they think.” He nuzzled up to me, kissing my neck. “I-I was thinking we could…try this. I mean us, together. Just for a little while to see if we like it.”

Oh, trust me, I would like it.

“I think we will like it Ni…” He smiled. “I think we will too.”

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