Kitty Cat Claws - Book One (Rated R) *Completed*
18 parts / 26 pages, updated Feb 23, 2013
8,630 reads 416 votes 221 comments

Niall is part Kitty, complete with a Calico tail, Pointy ears and raging hormones.

After making his want for the school prick known, Niall earns a unwanted beating from the Bradford god. But that doesn’t Stop Niall, Hes desperate for the Dark haired hunk. Niall is convinced that Zayn is his mate, but Liam, his one and only friend in this new place, is stuck on the thought that Niall is delusional.

But when Liam and his cousin, Louis, catch the two boys in the act, everything else comes crashing down.

Will the pieces fall into place? Or will life throw a curve ball at the forming group of friends?

8,630 reads 416 votes 221 comments

Kitty Cat Paws - Book Two (Rated R) *Contains Mpreg*

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Feb 27, 2013
863 reads 82 votes 53 comments

Niall and Zayn have been to hell and back, but it’s nothing compared to the bundles of joy wreaking havoc in their new home Of Rio De Janeiro. Jonah and Jillian, identical twins with not so identical personalities.

Jonah always has Jillian’s back and Jillian, Jonah’s.

Niall and Zayn don’t know how long he can chase after the young Kittens but there are always obstacles when it comes to being new parents.

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